The Strokes

I have heard a HUGE amount of really good reviews and recommendations about The Strokes before I saw them today at Hovefestivalen.

I was not too thrilled about this concert. One thing is that sound was not optimal, another thing is that it was raining and I wanted to be in a dry place, however, in the end I’m not certain if I am psyked about the music at all. It’s ok, but I think lots of other bands are a LOT better.

There were far from as many visitors today as yesterday for Linkin Park, but there were still quite a huge amount. I must admit that due to the rain and that the quality of the concert not being amazing, I left mid-concert – working my way downtown and home to my bed :D

Official Band Web Site

Norwegian Newspaper Articles and reviews
The Strokes ler av splitteryktene
VG Review
Hadde vi hatt sex så hadde vi ikke blitt så frustrerte
Dagbladet Review 
Aftenposten Review
Agderposten Review 


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