The Hovefestival ended today with a fabulous concert by Deadmau5.

This is another one I didnt know much of until I was at the concert, apart from my friends telling me I should definately go – beause the dude has an absolutely amazing show.

I used to be, I am not anymore, a huge fan of electronica and trance music – however Deadmau5 (the nerdy-boy that mixes his electronica / trance music performing in a huge mousehead) impresses widely.

His light show was nothing but spectacular in any color and patterns.

Deadmau5 in action - A fantastic light show with hefty electronica rythms.

It was really cool to see and be a part of. Huge amounts of the viewers had their own Mou5 mask and most of them also had glowsticks. We were set for a HUGE Rave party in The Hove forests!

Impressive lightshow

Check out this youtube video from the show @ Hove

And this one

I was really happy about this concert.

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