Driving: With my stepdad – In Arendal

After having spent a week with my mom and stepdad down south we ended it with my stepdad taking me out for a drive. I was allowed to drive the car and we organized the car with the big L and set off.

The cat was tied down in the back – howling and crying because he didnt like the drive – however he had to come because we would head straight to the bus back to Oslo once the drive was over. That was certainly a stress momentum for me, but also important to see that I overcame.

We headed all over the tiny roads out where my mom and step-dad lives, then we headed for the highway. We drove to Arendal, to Grimstad, to Fevik and visited several of the cities in the area around before we ended up at Harebakken where the bus to Oslo leaves from.

This trip was nice. I felt quite confident and I enjoyed the trip a lot. I didnt feel stressed either. Great experience.


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