Driving: 4 hours driving in pooring rain – private practice

I was picked up right after work at Lysaker and we set off for driving practice. I was allowed to drive the car from we met up and we had a few startup problems. Hehehe. Including me scaring the owner of the car shitless :D Poor thing.

First thing I noticed was that this car is a very much lighter car than the one my teacher has. Hence it felt scarier driving fast with it. Also the relationship between the clutch, breaks and the accelerator felt different. Hence a few startup problems when I managed to get a engine shutdown going up a hill :D

After that we decided to find a parking lot and practice the relationship between the pedals and thankfully we even found a parking lot in a hill that was somewhat curvy :D Perfect for practicing hill startups.

After we finished that part we took off southwards towards Drøbak, Ås and several other cities down south to navigate and get more driving practice. I think the owner of the car was somewhat scared most of the time :D Poor thing.

When we finally headed home, the rain that had been with us all the time changed into a tropical storm. I could hardly see anything and we even managed to get the car into hydroplaning twice (not that that was done on purpose, but it was interesting to see that I didnt freak out during the incident). For the last part of the road the rain was so bad – I was actually scared for driving however we were on the highway – nowhere to stop and no chance of changing into being a passenger.

It was, for me, a very learningful experience. It was a huge test since it was one of the first driving trips I did myself without any teacher that could use the extra set of petals in the teaching cars. I was alone about everything.

It was scary, but somehow I enjoyed it more as I felt I learned a lot (even if I scared the owner of the car shitless :D) but it was fun. I think he had fun in the end too.


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