Terror has come to Norway

Most of us have been foreseeing enough to realize that this day once would come, but until it is here you dont really know how it  will feel like or what it will be like.

Terror Attack in Oslo

At 15:26 local time a huge blast sounded through the city…

Oslo is Burning

… and ruined Norwegian minds modern innocense.

Right after the blast, messages started ticking in through chats, email and sms asking if I heard the blast and if I was ok.  Thankfully I had chosen to work from home today and was nowhere near the site.

I turned on the newschannels and started reading the online newspapers.

And it hit me that the heart of Oslo has  been blown up, turned into a war zone. 

Bombings of the governmental buildings in Oslo, Norway.

A huge bomb has exploted in the heart of the government buildings in Oslo. Huge damages.

Huge damages all over the city.

Windows have been blown out of the buildings in the surrounding areas for as far away as 1 km from the blast site.

Huge amount of people injured from shattering windows and glass.

Several people dead – 9-10 people has been reported to have lost their lives in the Oslo bombings.

These chocking news are all headlines. The pictures in the papers and on the tv reports shows images from a war zone.

Burning Buildings

However, even safely placed in my couch today – the situation has still been very, very scary and sad.

Several buildings are totally wrecked.

More chocking news

2 hours after the initial reports of the bomb explotion, new reports comes in about a shooting at a huge political camp at Utøya where many kids and young are involved. Reports from the hospital says 12 seriously injured. A minimum of 10 kids has been confirmed to loose their life on this horrible day.

News and media reported that the shooter is a single person that has dressed up as a fake policeman. He has just decided to go on a shooting spree at a gathering for young and kids. How horrible. Who shoots kids??? What is wrong with the world?


Today we have speculated in whether  an islamist group is to be blamed, whether there are standalone groups or single persons involved. 

Throughout the night several reports were given that the false policeman that is our shooter at Utøya, was spotted downtown before the bombing.
Suspected gunman held.

Youtube Videos from the Bomb Aftermath

Newspaper Reports

Terror in Norway.
Terror attacks in Norway.
Twin terror Attacks in Norway.
Youths hiding in bushes.
Why would atackers target oslo?
Oslo Bombing. People were lying there bleeding.

I am left with a horrible feeling inside of me. I am left with shock and sadness.

Too all of those that has lost someone that they love today.
I send you all of my respect, love and my deepest feelings.


6 responses to “Terror has come to Norway

  1. :( I was shaking the entire day looking for a sign from all of you, my friends in Norway. I couldn’t help crying realising I’ve been there and life in my beloved Norway will be forever chaged by these events.
    All I can say right now is be strong. My heart is with you all in my second homeland.

    • Thank you so much Dear! We are also scared and upset on this day, but we do see how we seek together and become stronger on a day like this.
      We will rise again!

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