Oslo Terror Attack – Bomb aftermath

I have hereby attached a slideshow of pictures I took in Oslo downtown on the day after the twin terror attacks.

I have no pictures from the Utøya shooting.
This tradgedy is still to incredible to comprehend.

Shattered glassBroken windowsBroken windowsArmed guardsNorway grievesEmpty Streets
Norway grievesRoadblocksFlowers in memory ofShattered glassArmed guardsarmed guards
Empty streetsEmpty StreetsAmbulances patroling the streetsArmed GuardsEmpty RestaurantsRoadblocks
Armed guards watchingFlowers by every roadblockTemporary solutionsRepair workPolice guarding the situationIn loving memory of

Oslo Terror Attack – Bomb aftermath, a set on Flickr.

The city is silent, the people are struggeling to believe.


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