Sympathy for those who lost their lives

According to the most recent press conference by the police 10am 24. 07.2011 over 30 people were injured in the Oslo bombing. Of them 9 seriously injured. 7 are confirmed dead but there are still missing persons not accounted for.

At Utøya 67 persons were injured. 86 persons has been slaughtered. 

This leaves a total of 93 dead and 97 injured.

Still there are about 10 persons unaccounted for in both places.

This shocking number involves so many people. Not only the parents, siblings, uncles, aunts and granparents, but friends and colleagues and aquaintances. Some parents may have lost several children. Some young has lost up to 15-20 of their friends. They may even know many many more.

I am lucky. I have not lost any of mine. But that does not mean that I do not feel the hopelessness, the grief and the fear inside of me. We are left in a situation of chaos, of hopelessness – but we are also stronger if we stand together.  We are gathering to show eachother sympathy and to show eachoteher that we care. But that doesn’t mean its not difficult.

I send my sympaty and my respect to all of those that has lost someone they love. I pray that you will find strength and courage to meet the grief and the loss withouth loosing yourselves. Be strong. Not only now. But I wish you strength to face this loss for the rest of your lives. This day will be remembered. we will remember your young and grieve with you. We will be with you in your grief.


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