Oceans of Flowers. Oceans of Love

Today Norway gathered in small and big cities to show that we stand together against the horrible terror attacks that hit our nation last friday and killed and wounded so many persons.

Torch Marches were organized throughout the nation. In Oslo the police requested the people to bring roses instead of torches due to the amount of people expected. 50000 people signed up on facebook within a very short time. We expected a lot of people to show up, but the amount of people that actually did show up…

I don’t have words for it.

I met with a group of friends at the National theatre, but we were not able to meet with all because so many people showed up that the phones stopped working. 

We went together down to Rådhusplassen.

So many people had shown up that NEVER have I ever in my whole life seen so many people in Oslo city at the same time any time before.

At 6:30; 30 minutes after the march was supposed to start, we were notified that the march was cancelled.. Not because they didn’t want to do it, but SO many people had shown up that it was completely impossible to organize a march anywhere at all.  Instead we sang.

The plaza in front of the city hall was packed, Aker Brygge was packed, Every single street from Rådhusplassen up to Vika Atrium, Nasjonaltheateret, even far into Karl Johan street and the University building. People stood as tight as sardines in a can. BUT people stood there with dignity, respect and Love. Being and Grieving.

The police reports that over 250 000 people had chosen to mark their support against terror today. Oslo has 500 000 inhabitants.

We were not able to walk – but we sang. Our beautiful national anthem.
Every single person present with raised hands with one, two or full bouquests of flowers in any color and shape they come. 
– Hands raised to honor those that died, those that were injured and those affected. – Hands raised to show that we choose love as our reply to the horrific events of the killer.

Over 200 000 people met for the rose march. The news estimated about 250 000 people in the streets of Oslo

These horrible acts of terror affects not only those that directly lost their loved one or are now caring for their injured in the hospital. This affects every single Norwegian. It affects every person that loves Norway and has a relationship towards our country.

“We are so few in this country that every fallen is a brother or a friend”.
These words sounded over the radio on 17th may 1940 by Nordahl Grieg. They have been repeated constantly these past days.

Appeals were made by our Nations leaders. They all asked us to Stand together, Unite, show eachother Love. Be one nation. Do not let the terrorist win.

Crown Prince Håkon Magnus

– Tonight the streets are filled with love. We have chosen to respond to cruelty with being near eachother, chosen to meet hatred with togetherness.

– After 22. July we can no longer allow ourselves to think that our thoughts and conducts are without meaning. We have to meet every day ready to fight for the open, free society that we all love so much.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

Our fathers and mothers promised – Never again 9 april
We promise – Never again 22 July

Evil can kill a person, but never defeat a nation.

Eskil Pedersen – Leader AUF Norway

He took some of our most beautiful roses, but he cannot stop the spring.

Fabian Stang – Mayer of Oslo

Together we shall punish the murderer. Our punishment shall be MORE generosity, more tolerance and more democracy.

Some of our Norwegian artists held a beautiful mini concert for us.

One of them was Maria Mena with her beautiful song Mitt lille land (My small country). Not one eye was dry when she sang.

I am amazed by the way the Norwegian people – including any background and history – our multicultural background that the killer hated. I am amazed about how we all show that we are together in this. How we all pay our respect to our dead. How we all pay our respect to our injured. Together. As one. We all cry – side by side. We all wonder what makes an individual decide to do something like this. We all show that we care.

From a German Newspaper :
“Even in their deepest sorrow the norwegians don’t get hysterical. They resist the hate. It is amazing to see how politicians and the whole country reacts. They are sad to the deepest thread of their souls. They cry in dignity. But nobody swears to take revenge. Instead they want even more humanity and democracy. That is one of the most remarkable strengths of that little country.”

Today, more than ever, am I proud to be a Norwegian. I am proud to be a part of this nation and I am proud to be a part of this democracy that we have.
Today, I am amazed by the Norwegian spirit that raises over hate and shows love.


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