Driving: In Telemark with my sister

This weekend when my sister and I visited our father in Telemark we were allowed to borrow the car and go for a drive.

We actually went for two drives.

First at midday we went for a drive to the store where we had to pick up some groceries. A perfect opportunity for me to practice some of my skills. Thankfully the roads from my dads place to the store are forest roads and I was able to move in a steady, but slow, speed to get used to the car. Which was nice. It was nice to be on the road again and both my sister and I were happy with the drive. Back to the farm it was even better. :D

At night we took a new drive.  This time in complete darkness. Not a single light for km after km. Even though its still not that dark at night – In the forest it does get really dark.

We drove from the cabin – out on the highway and then towards Kragerø. In Kragerø we drove around sightseeing the tiny streets of the city and then we parked, went for a walk and returned home. It has started to become fun to drive now :D I also felt a lot more confident driving in the dark on our way back home!


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