Driving: Theory Exam – Passed

I have long awaited this day. Its a milestone passed and I did try to get it done already a month ago – however back then it didnt work out as it should have

a month ago:
I studied really hard over a full weekend, planning to take the test a monday morning to keep it all fresh in mind.
When you get to the NRPA (Norwegian Public Roads Administration), you have to take a picture and register with the office that organizes the theoretical exams for the drivers license. Then you pay and then you take the exam. So, I got there, took my picture and prepared to take the exam. Suddenly the man behind the counter says. Sorry ms Evensen, you cannot take the test today.  We are missing a confirmation from the police that you have a clean record.
– I was like: Uh, but how is that possible – I haven’t done anything wrong?
The dude said. Well, probably you haven’t, but still we need a confirmation of the facts. We will send a request for one today and then in 3-4 weeks you can check with us again.

So today I tried again!
I woke up at 7 am and studied the last bit. I have read the book about 4 times now (I prepared pretty well for last time I tried taking the test as well), I have gone through all the questions in the task books I have and I took 4-5 online tests as well before I headed to the NRPA office this morning.

There I took a new picture and a drew a queue number. When my number was called I handed over my ID card and thankfully this time I was accepted. I was led to a computer where I was logged in and started the test.
At these tests you have 90 minutes available for the 45 questions you have to answer. You can have 7 errors, but thats it. So I went through them, marked the ones I thought correct and suddenly I had used 11 minutes and was done. I was so quick I was embarassed to even hand it over that soon, what if I didnt pass?
So I decied to go through all the questions again (scrolling back didnt remove my answers, but bought me another 2 minutes).
During this process I went through the questions with careful eyes and made sure I had not misunderstood any questions and then I started counting possible errors or questions I was not 100% certain I was right about.
I counted 5 possible errors including one I corrected. So 4 possible errors. I decided to hand it over. 22 minutes.

Congratulations! You have passed!

I took my stuff and went out to the clerks where my test score was being printed.

Only 3 errors. Shit. I am very happy about that. And … it was my first try ! YAY! Go me!

Next thing was to call my teacher and let him in on the good news. I also booked a date for the final test. Its sometimes in september. I dont want to spoil the date in case I dont pass :D
Now I just have to finish up my classes and polish the techniques so that I will pass the practical exam as well !

How did I prepare?
Take online tests to prepare for your  test:




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