Mushroom picking in the forest


Today I went with a group of couchsurfers mushroom hunting in the forest. I love walking in the forest – especially on a sunny day.I brought my couchsurfer from Portugal and we met up with the group of 14 at Sandvika bus terminal, from where we took another bus to Kattås.

From Kattås we walked up to the parking lot, where we had a mini test-pick for the newbies to find out which mushrooms not to pick. I found a few nice Chanterells which I love. They have this really nice color and hence really easy to spot on the forest ground  :D

From there we walked further into the forest until we got to the camping spot. Some of the surfers were going to stay the night in the forest in their tents.

Well settled at the camping spot we left our luggage and spread out. I remembered a really nice spot from last year where we found lots of mushrooms then, but this year due to some deforestation – this spot was no longer there. Or it was there allright, but it was no longer a good spot for the mushrooms and hence they were not there.

Funnel Chanterelle

On the other hand, my portugese couchsurfer, Joao, a spanish couchsurfer, Roberto, a Thai couchsurfer, Parat, and myself walked deeper and deeper into the forest and suddenly we found a huge amount of Funnel Chanterelles (also called Yellowfoot or winter mushroom) which are said to be both rare and excellent in taste :D We had been told to be on the lookout for these ! I can’t to sink my teeth into them :D

When we returned only a few people were at the meeting spot and we decided to keep searching for mushrooms until more people returned to site. On our second hunting round we didnt find more than 1 mushroom worth talking about. Probably because at this point we were both tired and unconcentrated. We called it off after 1 hour and went back to camp to have some food. Thankfully we had remembered to pack lunch with us!

At 5:30 Joao and I left the group and we started running towards the bus station. We had forgotten how deep in we were and when asking a lady how long we would need to get to the bus station she answered 30 minutes and we ran. Then we walked, then we ran, walked some more and then we ran and ran again. We lost the bus by 4 minutes and decided that we did not want to sit in the shadow of the bus station waiting for 1 hour until the next bus came around. So we walked on. At this stage getting really tired. Along the road we found a guy outside his house and we asked if we could refill our water bottles. YAY. That did good for our thirsty bellies at least.

We walked until the next bus was about to come and we would not have been able to walk all the way to the next bus stop in time. It felt so good to relax on the bus.

Arriving Oslo I had promised Joao to take him around Aker Brygge, the castle and down Karl Johan. This gained us a whole lot more steps :D

When we got home Joao made dinner while I sat in the couch ready to die…  I wore my pedometer the whole day…. 27500 steps … in one day.. No wonder I  was tired !


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