Mushroom Hunting

This morning I woke up from the phone ringing infernally. At least it felt like it.

At first I thought I had changed the ringtone for the alarm and forgotten to turn off the alarm and that it was really early in the morning. Then I realised that the phone was actually ringing and answered it. I can’t recall much of the first 5 minutes conversation, but the essence was if I had plans. Soon I did and my friend and I decided to go mushroom hunting in the forest.

It was 10:15pm when I got the call, early for a sunday morning after a party. Normally I would be awake at 10:15 on a sunday.

In the kitchen I found the taxi bill from last night. 3:45 at home. I had a great time at the party last night :D

Jon came to pick me up at 11 and I got to drive up to the forest. Dodgy :D

From there we walked around for almost 4 hours hunting for mushrooms in swampy areas of the forest. I know a great spot and it sure did NOT fail us this year! I think I definately need to come back there in a few days / weeks :D

Todays catch from the mushroom hunt … Chanterelle and  Funnel Chanterelle.

Not only did we find this huge amount of mushrooms….

We were hunted down ourselves at some times… Lots of tiny, tiny bloodsuckers … However they went mostly for Jon and not for me :D

Apart from that I had an occational fight with dead branches sticking out of trees and came out bruised and battered. At least I can count ONE really badly bruised place :D

Great walk and a great time in the forest.


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