Back to my birthplace in Egersund, Rogaland

My uncle / godfathers birthday celebration is this weekend and family flew in from near and far.

After work on friday I flew from Oslo to Stavanger and my uncle, my grandma, great aunt and my aunt awaited my arrival at Sola airport from where we drove to Egersund, the city of my infant years, where my family members were all waiting for us. Aunt Gro had prepared a gorgeous pasta dish for dinner . We had a great time !

Seeing my cousins and my family again was really nice  and we talked and had a great time. My cousin Ola and I shared room at the neighbours house and we spent a long time talking.

Saturday morning I woke up early and had a chat with Turid, the neighbour. I have known her since I was a kid and lived in the neighbourhood myself. 

For breakfast I went up to uncle and aunt and we all shared a really nice breakfast before some of us went downtown for shopping and coffee shop visits :D My stepdad and me walked downtown.  I always thought the walk was quite a distance, but I wore my pedometer and it only counted 2000 steps for the walk… wooot?? I sure thought it was longer when i was a child… but maybe thats where the root to this lays :D I havent been back so many times since I was a child :D

During the walk it started raining … little in the beginning, but it soon picked up and by the time we entered downtown it was pooring down. We ran into a bakery where we had cookies and drinks while waiting the rain out.

Mom, my sister, my aunt and my great aunt had taken the car so they were safe from the rain hiding in a store while they waited the rain out. We ran into them as soon as the rain stoped and we started walking around in the streets again. Egersund is a small city, but its really cute !

I bought a bracelet. I think that concluded me into being the shopper with the smallest amount of purchases of the day. Which is good … One can’t always shop til you drop.

I had a great time, but sleeping only 6 hours last night wasn’t exactly the best option for me hence I decided to take a nap to be well rested for uncles birthdayparty tonight.


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