Uncle Pauls 60th birthday party in Egersund

At 6 pm the party was to start. We all prepared and set off in lots of cars to the party location where we were greeted with champagne and music.

A lovely beginning to a great party. Conversing with family and meeting up with family I havent seen in a long time.

Then we were invited into the dining room where we were officially greeted welcome to uncle Pauls birthday celebration.  60 is a big day (and even though its not officially his birthday until the 31st) and must be celebrated.

Dinner party

We had lovely food and entertainment by the kids (no longer kids :D)

Dinner Entertainment

Lovely dinner party

My cousins had prepared the food and we had a lovely buffet consisting of seafood, pasta. mushroom and chicken and lots of other fantastic and yummy food. 

However dinner is not all .. and we also had speaches, jokes, laughter and more speaches, more laughs and good drinks as well.

Then there was more drinks and more fun :D

It really is lovely to meet up with family !

Cousin Sigmund and me. Sigmund is my first godchild :D

Once we were done with dinner we moved into the lounge area where we had dancing and singing and eventually CAKES :D YAY. Always good with cakes !

Uncle showing off his present

And of course there were gifts :D

Uncle got lots of good gifts: Like this hat to prepare him  for his retirement and old man days.
He also got glasses so that he can see better and a brand new, and PIMPED, walking aid.

It looked so cool:
With a water bottle, lights for dark and pimped with his local soccer team stickers so that he can continue playing into his old age running behind the ball.

It was a great party where everybody had fun ! :D

Congrats with your 60’th uncle :D!!


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