Birthday Celebration

I woke up this morning with a slight headache from the party last night and headed for the shower. As I was still in the shower I heard my family come down the stairs to sing me the birthdaysong :D

I wasn’t really up for coming out of the shower until I had clothes on, so they went upstairs again and there I met them in the living room once I was ready. They sang me the birthdaysong and gave me nice birthday presents :D

Then I went up to my aunts house where the rest of the family and more presents were waiting for me! YAY. More birthdaysongs :D Cake for breakfast ! Me like !

My presents :D

A book : Crepúsculo (Not that I have NOT read this book up to several times already and … seen the movie several times as well.

However – I haven’t read it in Spanish and had thought to do so, so I am very happy about this edition :D Perfect for lingual development.)

Money: Always a good option

A Jacket: The story behind this one is quite funny :D You see I got really disappointed when I learned that I was going to get the jacket as my birthday gift… Why you wonder? Because I desperately wanted it, so desperately that I actually searched half the country for it myself. And then you think… But then you should just be happy about it! And I am – Now, but the story continues …
I was so desperate that I called all sport equipment stores in Oslo, Akershus, Trøndelag and Rogaland (4 of the counties in Norway) and not one single store had the jacket in my size or at all… I was so disappointed. However finally I found it in a store in Arendal, where my mom happens to live. I sent her money for it and asked her to pick it up from the store where I had reserved it.
I asked her to bring it for the family meeting in Egersund this weekend and at first she was reluctant to give it to me, but I hadn’t even brought another jacket and due to the weather I needed it for going out :D
My mom handed it over to me in wrapping and presented it to me saying it was my birthday present and I thought… Jeez – how lame is that to get a present I have searched, found AND paid for? I was like.. MOM, Come on?
No matter how much I love the jacket I was a tad bit disappointed for the lack of creativity :D
It all solved out as I also got a few surprises :D (and the money back for what I had paid for the jacket :D)

Sømbyste: (clearly I have no idea what that is called in english)

I love making my own dresses, but I have always missed that extra tool to reach perfectionism. Its quite difficult to stand upstraight and measure a new dress’ length at the same time as I bend down to measure the distance to the floor from the bottom of the dress. The dress tends to not stay up when I bend down.

This should help me quite a bit in getting the right measurements :D
Dresses are not the only things I make though. I love making things in general :D

Ill post pictures of my creations under the meny Interests – Arts & Crafts.

Stay tuned :D

I also got a few cute small items and I am very happy about all my birthday gifts. Not many this year, but big and very nice !

At 3:15 we had to leave to get to the airport in time. My cousin Ola was kind enough to drive me and Ingrid to Sola airport where we checked in and sat down waiting for our flights. Ingrid left 30 minutes prior to my flight and once I was done checking facebook birthdaygreetings I closed down that laptop and went to the toilet…

And .. only in Norway will your laptop still be at the table where you left it when you forget to pack it into your suitcase where you left it …

God, I would have never realised until I got home…

At home I sat down and had a few good hours at work (really exiting celebration :D), but all in all a great day ! It was nice to be with most of the family for breakfast and the weekend has been really good !


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