Skype – “Music Playing” add-in

A few of the friends that I communicate with over skype frequently has had that nifty little add-in showing what music you are playing as a status message.
Both googletalk and MSN messenger gives you an option for showing music as status message as a default option, but I have searched and searched through the skype options and on google. I found lots of add-in files – however of sparc format that Windows OS didn’t recognize and I grew pissed about this problem.

However one day I stumbled over that claimed they could provide a fully functioning add-in. I downloaded and all exited I realized that it didn’t work after all. So I left it all alone.

Then came today and I upated my skype version to the latest version, restarted the computer and NOW the add-in works !! :D YAY


2 responses to “Skype – “Music Playing” add-in

  1. And … so without a warning… The stupid thing stops working !!! Wot 2 do?

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