Daniel and Junkos Wedding / New Job / Birthday / Housewarming Party

One day, not so long ago, Daniel and Junko invited me and a whole bunch of others to their housewarming / birthday party.

We all saved the day and then about 2 weeks prior to the event – they revealed that the party would also be their wedding party.

First of all I was instantly filled with joy seing that Daniel has been my friend for years and years and that he has been so happy since he met Junko. Then I voluntered to make the wedding cake :D

My last week has been quite busy. Baking cakes (I must admit that I did make a few different ones as a tryout with the new pans I bought), decorating cakes and finding new recipes to make successful cakes…
Some job, but boy did I have fun :D

On the day of the wedding I ran around downtown searching for the last effects for decoration. Then I started re-doing the cakes, which was a tidysome task cause the pans were much bigger than the ones I use regularly – hence they didn’t cook evenly.

Another of Daniels friends, Tarek, joined me to help me with the cake baking and where we spent the whole day baking and decorating…. the result turned out real good :

The result of our efforts

Øyvind and Arthur soon joined us and then Jon joined us. Øyvind and Arthur left to purchase beer for the party and Jon stayed behind to wait for the cakes to finish and take Tarek and myself with the cakes to Daniel and Junkos place.

Arriving there we met up with lots of friends and were serverd Sushi, Pizza, snacks and lots of other good food !! Man, we had a great time. Conversing with the other guests, drinking, laughing and having fun.
Daniel and Junkos parents had flown in from Japan and UK and it was really nice to meet them as well.

Party Participants

At 10 pm it was about time to share the wedding cake !

Junko and Daniel sharing the wedding cake

After the cake we gathered in the living room for gift opening, socializing and pictures:

Wedding Party !

Øyvind is the king of communicating despite language barriers. Junkos mom doesnt know much english, but Øyvind found a way to communicate with her anyways.

Here he is teaching her how to drink Ahoi-shots.

1. Start by pooring Ahoi Sherbet powder in your palm, half a pack per person.
2. Insert into mouth
3. Poor one mouthful of vodka into your mouth
4. Shake your head to blend vodka and sherbet
5. Swallow
6. Shout Ahoi, Ahoi, Ahoi, Ahoi

Done !

Øyvind is showing Junkos Mom how to drink AHOI Shots !

It was a lovely party! A truly great evening in company with lots of great people.
Thank you, Junko and Daniel, for inviting me!


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