Global Corporate Challenge – at an end for 2011

Some of you know I have participated in the Global Corporate Challenge (which I was very good at posting results from before the summer hols) which actually has been quite good and its lasted 4 months. However now the competition has come to an end, and although I stopped posting the results I didn’t stop walking!

During this period I have walked a total of :   1,416,474 steps

which is in average is about 8.17 km pr day.

and a total distance of 906.54 km throughout the period.

I had a daily step average of 12,761 steps

and apparently a daily calory burn of 514.52 and a total of calories burned 57,112 throughout the period.

My team has walked almost 10 million steps during these past 4 months which is quite incredible !

I feel a lot better, I have noticed I have gained nice muscles in my legs! 

 will continue walking although the competition is over..


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