Driving: Practical Exam – Take 1

I met Nils at Risløkka at 7:30 with a pounding headache. Not the best sign. Nor had I eaten breakfast, hence we had to find a place to get food. Nils questioned me about practical car info (During the practical exam, we get one question that we need to answer without flaws, before the actual driving test) and he got more and more intens with his questions and I got more and more stressed as I was concentrating on driving.

When we got back to the traffic station I had to rush in to pay the fee and hence we waited. Over 12 other students had their exams today. At 8:10 the exam teachers came out and we got our assignment for the day. Mine was a nice lady, but I was nervous due to my headache. I know I am not big on concentration when I have one.

We set off and for the first part of the route I managed quite fine, but then suddenly I missed a sign and had no idea where to take off in a roundabout, then later I missed a mandatory lane sign and just to top it all – I was uncareful about getting on the highway on a place with low visability and a short field to enter the highway…. Oh well.. Of course all that resulted in failing the test and just then I realized that I was exhausted. Of course disappointed, but a huge amount of people fail on their first try, so not really disappointed because of that, but because it means a much higher price to finalize this. Jeez another 800 USD? Shit.. Cause that’s at least what its going to cost.

When I got home I sat down in my couch and fell asleep. When I woke up one hour later I had a fever and the headache was out of its proportions. I called work and let them know I didn’t feel well.

I learned:
– Never take the practical exam when you are so tired that you just want to sleep
– Never take the practical exam when you are down with a fever


One response to “Driving: Practical Exam – Take 1

  1. Update: I was down with fever the rest of that week. No wonder I didn’t do well on the exam.

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