Birthday Party

I just had my 36th birthday at the end of august, but I spent my birthday weekend in Egersund to celebrate my uncles 60th birthday, hence I was not able to celebrate my birthday until today.

One of my current flatmates, Øyvind, helped me clean, bake and organize for the party. The help that he provided made me finish several hours before I had thought I would finish and that way we both had time to relax and make dinner before the guests arrived :D That was nice !

Me and Diana with the cakes :D

First guests arrived at 7:30 and more and more arrived shortly thereafter. A large group were held at Bryn trainstation due to unexpected stops to the train service and no extra buses, but they arrived well and in good mood up to 2 hours later.

Diana, Christian, Consuelo, Roberto, Nathalie and Eva

Daniel, John, Jon, Madelaine, Diana, Consuelo and Roberto

Consuelo, Roberto, Nathalie, Eva, Robert, Daniel and Junko

Paul, Eva, Jon, Øyvind and Madelaine

Øyvind, Eva, Jon Kjetil, Robert and Ashutosh

We all had a blast. 9 nations were represented by 17 party participants. A lovely evening turned into late night. The last guests that were not staying the night left at 6 am. I think  this must have been one of the best parties I have thrown at my place.

Until next party, people !

For more pictures check this link


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