Lots of flatmates :D

No matter how much I like my own company and being an Introvert…  – I still am a very social creature and I get bored if spending too much time alone. However THAT will NOT be a big problem the next months! 

At the end of august my tenant moved in (He is renting the guestroom) and yesterday 2 of my friends moved in for a 3 week stay (They just bought a new apartment in the city and sold their house in the countryside, but are now between keys – They will live in the living room). When they move out, we will all move into their flat because the bathroom refurbishing project is finally about to start. The Water will be cut in both bathroom and kitchen for 2 weeks and the bathroom will not be operable for 5 full weeks. I am really exited about getting a new bathroom :D And about having so many people around me all the time.


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