The books of Beginning – The Emerald Atlas

I bought The Emerald Atlas (John Stephens) on wednesday morning after having heard very positive things about it.

I induldged into this exhiliarating world of magic on my way to work and even though I have had full days at work, errands to run after work on wednesday, going out with colleagues on thursday, and meeting up with friends friday… I still finished the book at 11 am on saturday morning after very well spent hours of amazing reading.

This book really represents a fantastic escape from reality into a magic world filled with exitement, dark creatures and mysteries to solve.

The three main characters Kate, Michael and Emma were abandoned as kids and spent the 10 past years of their lives moving from orphanage to orphanage until one day they arrive to a scary looking orphanage in the mystic city Cambridge Falls.

One day as they poke around in their new home, they discover that not only are they the only three kids in the orphanage, but there is something weird going on with the house they live in as well… Suddenly doors appear where they were not before and then they find a green book that has nothing in it. Michael puts a picture into the book and suddenly the three kids are in a paralell universe 15 years prior the their arrival to Cambridge Falls where an evil which is helding all the children of Cambridge Falls captive to motivate the men and children of the town to look for an item she dares not describe to them, but of such magical power that she is willing to kill every child, man and woman in town to get it. As soon as she realize the kids have the enchanted book, she starts hunting them as well and they escape back to realtime, only to discover Michael is pulled back and captured in the parallell world with sword swinging giants, screechers (undead men with glowing yellow eyes whos screams will torture your very soul), wolves and evil winged creatures…

This book has all the elements of exitement and fantasy and is placed in the same league as Philip Pullmans “His Dark Materials“, Christopher Paolinis “Inheritance Cycle” and JK Rowlings “Harry Potter” which I all adore !!!

This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I have been so captivated by the book that while on the train, I have failed to notice where I was supposed to hop of – to have to take the train back a few stations (which gave me more time to read), failed to notice time and space and failed to remember to eat – all because this book had all my attention; last night I went to sleep at 3am because I spent hours reading after going to bed and this morning the first thing I did was to open my book and continue reading …
I love when I find books like this… <3
Get your copy at the local bookstore or at

For more information and a teaser – check out this youtube video:

Official website:
The books of Beginning on Facebook
John Stepens on Wikipedia


10 responses to “The books of Beginning – The Emerald Atlas

  1. haw is the story resolved

    • well i don’t really know all i know is that the kids are safe and there parents go back with them and there happy

      • The story ends with them finding out where their parents are and setting out on a journey to fin them. However… there are 2 more books to come and they do definately not go home with their parents in the first book to be happy…

  2. where are there parents?

  3. but i only have a couple of days to turn in a report about the hole book

  4. and i only made it to the middle

    • Then you should definately continue reading. Its too good to miss and if you are already midway you only have half left ! Thats nothing. It gets very exiting in the end. I wasn’t able to put it down.
      I dont have the book with me and I am in Costa Rica now so give you all the correct details I would not dare to. GOod luck and hope you enjoy

  5. fine be that way and im a slow reader dah thats why im asking 4 your help

    • I am travelling in Costa Rica (like i mentioned in an earlier post) and have less than 30 minutes pr day in internet time (for emails, keeping in touch with friends and family and updating my blog + editing and uploading pictures) until beginning of march. Its not because I dont want to I simply cannot. Check out wikipedia. There should be some information there.

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