Beautiful weekend in the forest.

This weekend I spent hiking in the forest. On Saturday I went by myself and brought 2 big bags that I could use in case I found mushroom. On my way in to my special spot I saw several people coming home from their walk with mushroom baskets with 1 or 2 mushrooms in them. I knew where to go and I knew that we found a lot last time we went there, however what I didnt know was if there was still any left. I started worrying a bit if they were all taken.
I had nothing to worry about as it seemed.

When I arrived at my spot I saw huge amounts of yellowfoot chanterelle. HUGE AMOUNTS. 3 hikers came after me, but not to have mushroom, however they did sit down to have their lunch and while they had their lunch I had filled half of the first bag with chanterelle and was nowhere near of running out of mushrooms to pick… The lunchers continued on and I continued picking. Just in the first marsh area I filled my first bag and started the second bag. I was probably there for about two and half hours, two before I started moving out of the area. I say started, because the area was so full of mushrooms that I had to work my way out. I found few common chanterelle, but even more yellowfoot chanterelle.

Yellowfoot Chanterelle

After 4 hours of walking from one big group of chanterelles to another and picking whatever I found room for in my bags I had filled my two bags and realized that I also was rather worn out and hungry and started moving out of the forest.  As I walked towards the parking lot and the bus station I saw lots of people looking weirdly at me coming out of the forest with 2 big bags, until they realized they were filled with mushroom. Some were really surprised to see such huge amounts of mushrooms.

When I came home I made dinner and rested a while before Istartred cleaning the mushroom. But first task first. Weighing: 7 kgs!!!!
That cleaning was easier said than done, mostly because it was  such huge amounts, but it is really important. I washed them all along with double checking that they were all edible. Would suck to have just 1 single bad one in there and I would have had to throw away the whole bag. Once done with the cleaning I laid them out for drying. I didn’t finish the tast until 2 am…

Sunday morning I went out for a new trip, but this time I brought friends. We were 4 grown-ups and 4 kids and we had planned to bring home lots of the good stuff :D

The kids are in for a drinking break

It was another lovely day and we found just as much mushroom as yesterday. We tought the kids to recognize the good mushrooms from the bad and had them check each mushroom with the grown-ups before adding them to the bags.
This is extremely important because of the lethality of the wrong mushrooms (see previous post: Dangers about picking the wrong mushroom).

The forest was beautiful today. No clouds and the sun lighting up the ground looked magical. It was truly gorgeous !

Eager grown-ups

We  didn’t spend more than a couple of hours out today. I was still a bit tired from yesterday and the kids were very eager to go home and play computer games, but we still got a HUGE amount of mushrooms with us. Of course, we were a lot more people today. That helps a lot !

I only picked 2,5 kilos today, but all in all thats almost 10 kg mushroom for one weekend (of course not as much when you clean them and cut away “extras” that you don’t want to eat, but still 8 kgs in total.)

My room-mates were happy to have duck with mushroom stew for dinner !

This is the result:

Yellowfood Chanterelle. 8 kgs.


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