The past few days I have been reading the new Richelle Mead book; Bloodlines.

Unfortunately I just finished it (unfortunately because it was too exiting for me to want it to end), and now I cannot wait for the next chapter to come out.

Bloodlines is a Spin-Off Series of the Vampire Academy series which I have followed with great anticipation and interest.

We follow Sydney, the Alchemist that cleans up after the mess vampires make in the Vampire Academy series plus some of the vampires we got to know in the books as well, like Jill, Eddie and Adrian.

Many Moroi are opposed to Lissa being their new Queen and according to Moroi laws Lissa can only be their Queen if she has 1 or more living family members. Jills, Lissas sister, is now in danger after an attempt to murder her. Clearing Jill out of the way will force Lissa off the throne.
The Alchemists are called in and while they do not like vampires at all, they fear that if Jills life is not protected and the attackers get close enough to her to kill her, the Moroi will start making enough commotion that humans will notice them and this must be avoided at all costs. Sydney is called in to protect Jill. They are both enrolled in a high school in Palm Springs where they try to blend in and hide Jills origin. Jill is sent there with Adrian (Rose Hathaways ex-boyfriend) whom saved her life in the attack, and Eddie, her Damphir guardian.

Read the first 4 chapters here:


Bloodlines Series on the web:

Vampire Academy Series on the web:


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