Demolition Derby

The Refurbishing project consists of a bit more than demolishing the bathroom, it also consists of changeing the pipes in the kitchen and the bathroom, which also involves demolishing parts of the kitchen and parts of the entrance area (in the stairway), hence this is becoming quite a little demolition derby. Which is quite fun !

All the lower furniture has been removed to gain access to the pipes areas.

First they just needed to remove the furniture in the corner, then I started thinking …
hmm .. maybe i should get a new floor, now while they are at it? Maybe that is a good idea? At first I was not certain whether I wanted to go through with a huge project right now.. I have a lot of other projects and due to the huge amounts of dust in the apartment from the drilling and cutting and hacking in the sement, I wasn’t even planning on staying in the apartment during this period… but at my friends place (the ones that have been staying with me for the past 3 weeks), however suddenly the refurbishing spirit entered my soul and I suddenly I was in dire lack of time …

1. I needed to find someone to take the job of spackling, measuring, glueing,  laying and fix all the stuff for the new floor. Today I had 2 guys from 2 different companies to look at the job that has to be done and give me a price estimate. The estimates were so different in price that the choice made it really easy !

Hence… the guy is coming tomorrow morning to do the first parts of the job (spackling uneven parts) and then on monday he will finish the job. Ha.. this is great…. Oups. Now I need to be remove everything on the floor … Looks like major remodeling is on its way…

2. Tomorrow Ill have to rush to find a new linoleum laying for my floor and prepare lots of other stuff.

3. Painting. Am I really going to do that at this time?


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