Visiting Martin and Ellie in Helsinki, Finland

Today, after work I packed my suitcase and headed for the airport.

This years only vacation out of the country is a 4,5 day trip to Finland to meet up with my friends living in Finlands capital, Helsinki.

It’s already been a while since I booked the tickets and I have been looking foreward for the trip with great anticipation :D

My flight was scheduled for 16:55 arriving in Helsinki at 19:20 (due to the time difference). From the airport I stopped by the tourist information centre to have them explain to me how to get to Martin and Ellies house and then I cought a bus to the city centre where I changed to the 270. Martin picked me up at the bus stop and from there we walked home where Ellie was waiting for us :D

It was so nice to see them again. Last time I saw them was in august when they were in Oslo, but thats the only time I have seen them since they lived in Oslo 3 years back (Ellie is one of my first couchsurfing guests and she stayed a week with me during summer 2007).

Ellie had made us lovely dinner and we sat down for food and wine and a lovely chat. I also got to meet all the cats and catch up. It is really lovely being here and meeting my friends again!


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