Checking out the Nightlife in Helsinki

Cafe Tin Tin Tango
After visiting The Saurasaari people’s park Anni, Vince and myself felt quite cold due to the chilly wind and we decided to go have a drink or two in a nice cafeteria while getting warm again.
We texted the others to meet up with us there and enjoyed a few drinks while talking more. Heydi joined us, but left again to meet a friend before she would join us in the city. We talked some more and had more to drink and then we went downtown to meet up with the others.

Vince & Anni

We got the tram down to Kamppi where we waited for Martin & Ellie outside. We quickly realized we needed to wait inside and crossed the street to wait inside the entrance to the metro station. While waiting Heydi also texted us that she was going to join and then Timo joined us as well.
Our next task was more difficult, we needed to find a place that was both nice and affordable and not too far away.
We landed on a Thai restaurant nearby..

Tamarin Thai Restaurant
Upon arriving there our group has gotten one man bigger. Heydi’s fiance, Harri, was also joining us for dinner. At first we had some difficulties with the employers because they didn’t want us to re-organize the tables to sit together because of the numbers of our group. However we found a perfect solution and got to order our dinner.

I had a lovely rice dish with chicken, pineapple and cashew nuts that was perfect and it seemed that the others too were happy with their meal.

Harri and Heydi

Me with Vince

Martin & Anni

Ellie and Timo

Later Orescent joined us with his girlfriend Sanna and Anni and Vince’s friend David joined us. We were almost done dining at this time – leaving us only to finish up and pay before we left.

Bar Corona
We rounded up the night with a few drinks at a nearby pub called Corona. It was quite crowded already when we got there and full of life !
Corona is a part of a concept called Andorra consisting of Andorra cinema, Bar Corona, Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby and Cafe Moskva.
We had a great time and it was the perfect end to a very nice day !!

Sanna, Orescent, Martin, Anni, Vince, Heydi, David, Harri, Timo
Elisabete and myself

Elisabete, Sanna and Orescent


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