Feeding squirrels at the Seurasaari Peoples park

Despite being on vacation I woke up quite early (6 am norway time, but 7 am Finland time), but I stayed in bed and soon fell asleep again. Its not fun to wake up THAT early during the only vacation I have this year :)

Martin left early for work and Ellie and myself sat down to have breakfast together, before we both headed out at 10 am. Ellie on her way to work and I went downtown to play tourist for a while :D

I walked around downtown for about an hour before I went to Kamppi Mall to meet Anni and Vince. Its been 2 years since I saw Vince, but thankfully Anni I got to see in London in May. Oh joy. I got the biggest hugs ever from them :D

We went to get nuts and lunch to bring and then we went to get the bus to Seurasaari.

The trip took us some good 20 minutes, but in good company we hardly even noticed. Arriving there we took pictures and crossed the bridge to the Seurasaari Peoples Park. The weather was so beautiful and sunny and the trees were decorated in gorgeous colors of fall. It was such a wonderful day. Sure, wind was fierce and cold, but the company and the day was just amazing.

Just as we sat down to have our lunch we were crowded by beautiful squirrels, sitting in front of us – turning their cute, small heads from side to side and taking a few steps closer to see if we had anything of interest for them.

We pulled out our bags of nuts and started hand-feeding the small creatures and they took them without hesitation. Not the tiniest bit scared at all. Sometimes we would even hold back on the nuts and they would put their small hands on our fingers and start pulling to get the nuts loose. They were just so adorable!

Some of them were a bit more shy and didn’t dare coming close enough to catch the nuts so we threw them a bit farther so that they could also get some nuts.

Ok. I want a squirrel!

After lunch (ours and the squirrels), we continued walking around the island and the outdoors museum looking at the beautiful houses there. In summer there are 2 open cafeterias, but they were both closed for the season and we sat down by the water – enjoying the gorgeous sun for hours while talking and enjoying this precious time together. We were somewhat sheltered from the icy wind where we sat and that made the day even more delightful.

However, all good things must end and we decided to start walking back towards the bus stop. On our way back… we were cought by the wind and man was it icy.

We arrived just in time for the bus and it was so nice to sit inside.

total steps today 14349


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