Linnanmäki Amusement Park

A perfect end to a perfect day!

After visiting the Zoo we (Martin, Elisabete, Kai (Martins father) and myself) decided to go to Linnanmäki Amusement park. Today was the last day they opened for the season and they were going to have a fireshow and lots of other treats for the public.

We arrived at 16:50 – 10 minutes prior to opening and after walking the whole day outside, we were all hungry and decided to have dinner at Safari Restaurant.
It wasn’t a 4 star one, but still quite ok for being an Amusement park restaurant.

As we finished dining we started taking in the Amusement park.

Night was falling upon us and the lights from the attractions were really cool. It is quite fascinating to walk around surrounded by so many lights and sounds.

The park had organized several processions with pumpkin men and women. Others were dressed as Witches (noita) and there were skeletons and ghosts dancing in the streets. They had even managed to fit in a headless man that was running around looking for his head.

There were also people dressed up as wild animals on the run (whom we later saw captured by caretakers …)

Of course we had to stop in the twisted mirror hall:

which gave me a really long and goofy head and Martin and Ellie looking like midgets (considering how tall Martin is… that was really funny)


In the end we went to see a fireshow which was really cool and on our way back I just had to try to take some pictures of the moving lights …

Martins father, Kai, was really nice and gave us a lift all the way home ! After a long day of walking I reached a total amount of steps today of 14374 and I must admit I was a bit tired … :D

Thank you Martin and Ellie for coming with me to this !


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