Museum visit and strolling around in Helsinki

I started my day having a nice breakfast at home with Martin and Ellie and the cats. I had a relaxing start to the day and that was great.
Then I cought a bus downtown to the Central Station.

From there I headed to Atheneum Art Museum where I spent a good deal of time. The museum was nice.  I particularily liked the exhibition about the Sami.

Once I was done at the Atheneum I went for a stroll in the streets of Helsinki and I went back to the Fazer Resturant that I went to with Ellie yesterday to have one of those amazing Omenapiirakka that I had yesterday.

It was just as delicious today!

I wonder if I can learn how to make those. The apple meringue pai with vanilla custard. Yummy :D

After Fazer I spent some more time walking around in the streets of Helsinki before I was about to meet Martin and Ellie at the central Station for our afternoon activities.


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