Spending my last day touristing Helsinki before returning to Oslo

This morning I woke up rather early and said my goodbyes to both my hosts that had to leave early to get to work :D

I spent my morning packing and preparing for my departure as well as looking for movie tickets. The pre-premiere Breaking Dawn tickets were released today and hence I had to make sure I got mine.

Once that was done, I rushed out the door and cought the bus downtown to get there in time for a 2 hour tourist bus tour that I had booked to participate in. I had to bring my luggage on the bus so I rushed from the Central Station to the Senate Square next to City Hall to get the bus from there.

We were taken around the harbour areas and the Uspenski Orthodox Church (which is beautiful from an architectual point of view)

We were taken past the Presidential Palace

and then a roundtrip along the harbor and towards the end of the tour we were taken to the Temppeliaukio Rock Church.
(In my mind it doesn’t look very impressive – either in the architectural or other ways)

Then we were taken to the Sibelius Park with the Sibelius Monument. It was built in honor of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

After the tour I  spent some time walking around (with my suitcase), I had lunch and sat down reading and relaxing until it was time to leave for the airport.

At the airport I checked in and went to pick up some cloudberry liqueur from the taxfree store. Not much else to do there. Return flight was quite uneventful but nice :D

I had an amazing stay in Finland and its definately not my last visit.

I actually learned a few words in Finnish as well (and quite a few more than when I was in Greece, where I learned 5, but only remember 3 or 4):

Ruoki = Food
Kiitos = Thank you
Kippis = Cheers
Kissa = Cat
Intie = way
Katu = street
Noita = Witch
Pupu = Rabbit
Ravintola = Restaurant
kirkku = church

Thanks to Ellie and Martin for hosting me and to Anni, Vince, Heydi, Harri, Timo, Orescent and Sanna for taking their time to meet up with me and making my stay a great one !


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