Planning Costa Rica roundtrip Feb 2012

For my upcoming Costa Rica trip in Febuary I have invited several friends with me to travel together. Couchsurfers, family and other friends are considering joining me on this 2 week long trip.

Today I got the first confirmation from a friend from Stockholm, Sweden that will to join me for this trip.
6 others are considering joining, including my mother and a fourth cousin with kids, a swiss and an italian friend.

What have I planned until now:

Meetup point:
Either San Jose (or Liberia in the Guanacaste region in the Westcoast)

1. CORCOVADO 3-5 days
Cocovado is a famous national park down in the south of costa rica.
It is said to be the backpacking paradise on earth. I am notoriously fond of beds so lets see how this will turn out !
Camping equipment is available for rent, and tours can be arranged in Puerto Jiménez where a number of budget accommodations are available.
Osa Aventura has preplanned and custom multi-day treks into Corcovado.
Costa Rica trekking adventures is an outfitter that organizes treks in Corcovado National Park.
Includes jungles and beaches

2. HACIENDA BARU 3-5 days
I first read about Hacienda Baru in the book “Monkeys are made of Chocolate” which is an amazing book about ecotourism in many short stories:
read some articles right here:
One of the DEFINITES on tihs stay is a night in the jungle :
98 usd.
They also have lots of other hikes and guided tours that range from 30 usd and up.
For link on transportation to:

Being close to Hacienda Baru – this is an excellent stop on the way to or from or a daytrip from hacienda Baru while staying there.
Surfing, Diving, Swimming, Tanning

Beaches and jungle

Is a Cloud forest. This is a fantastic area for nature and jungle. A cloud forest means that it is over 1750 m of altitude over the ocean. This is a beautiful area.
It also rains more than 10-12 meters per year. At this altitude its colder than in the rest of the country.
Here we can visit skywalks, bungee jumping, skytrekking, cheese factory,canopy tours etc.
There is a nice hostel in Santa Elena that we can stay in

Arenal volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world  with erruptions every 20 minutes. You can hear the gas explotions from the volcano while swimming in thermal waters and if we are lucky the cloud layer will clear up enough for us to see the lava running down the mountain from the perfect cone shaped volcano.

Activities: Swimming in thermal waters, hiking in the national park, visiting the small city of Fortuna de San Carlos

OF course there are lots of other nice locations to go, but with limited time… there is never enough time. I can change the corcovado time but the other places i really want to visit. They are mainly on the pacific side of the country..

We can travel by local buses which is rather cheap but takes forever (one should try at least once to get the local feel, but normally it takes forever to travel by bus)
We can use an ecxpress taxi which is rather lush, but still just about 35-40 usd for a 5 hour trip.
We can rent a car which gives us freedom.

ACTIVITIES In Several of these destinations:

Canopy, Swimming, birdspotting, hiking, photography, surfing is possible,

Does this sound interesting to you? Do you want to join?
Let me know asap.


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