Ellens 4th Birthday

Today we celebrated my little sister Ellens birthday and Ingrid and myself went to visit for her birthday party. We were greeted by the cutest little fairy princess ever.

Considering her birthday is on Halloween, of course everyone camme dressed up accordingly. We had 4 princesses, 1 skeleton, 1 batman and 1 superman.
The kids were so cute!

Of course there were gifts

When Ellen had been asked who she wanted to attend the party, she answered. MY GANG. So cute, 4 years old and she has a gang. :D However the memebers of her gang are all 4,5 and 6 years old and hence we didn’t take them for a long round of trick or treating, but we did take them for a tiny one.

They came home happy and full of candy !

Then there was time for the birthday cake,  A lovely raspberry / strawberry cake. The kids were not too fond of it and stuck to chocolate cupcakes – which of course meant more for the grown-ups :D

The kids had fun and so did their parents it seemed. Ingrid and i stayed behind when the other guests left to spend some quality time with Ellen and Linda.

We decorated small boxes with glitter and played with Ellens new toys and Linda showed us how good she has become at playing the piano. They also showed us their rooms and their toys (I mainly see the kids when they are at our dads place, so its nice to see how they are living at their moms place as well) and the rest of the house.

Suddenly the birthdaygirl had had enough, but go to bed? Nope, that was not an option. She fell asleep in the lap of her older sister.

and Linda spent some time cuddling up to me :D


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