The cat who came for Christmas

I got this book as a gift back in Febuary, 2011. The giver knows I am a sucker for cats and has himself read the book several times, but due to our friendship falling apart at the time – I struggled starting the book and when I first did. I struggled finding it captivating enough.

By all means, the story about Polar Bear the cat in itself is lovely. The cat is charming and special and I would love to meet a cat like PB.

What I am not convinced about is Cleveland Amorys writing style and some of his digressions in the story that seems to be there just to fill space.

Like f.ex when he is about to name his cat – he spends 20 pages talking about what to name the animal whereof 10 of these
were parts of old history of the egyptians and naming of kings and his confusions about giving the cat the right name.

When Cleveland writes about Polar Bear and the relationship they have – he is delightful, but however cute the story is, he never quite captures me as a reader and at no time do I feel compelled into reading the book until the last page in one go. Actually I don’t feel compelled into reading more than a few pages at the same time. It took me 6 months to finish reading this book and people that know me also knows that I rarely spend more than 3-4 days reading one book (even 400 pages ones).
Yes I know – I could have put it down and just left it there, but I wanted to give the book the benefit of the doubt and despite it not being the most interesting book in my life – It is still a cute book.

We first meet the aforementioned cat on a snowy Christmas Eve in New York.
Cleveland Amory, the founder of The Fund for Animals, helps rescue a poor feline from the streets of the city and takes him home – temporarily – to care for him until a suitable home is found. Amory is, by his own admission, a dog person, but he quickly falls in love with this poor young cat who has obviously suffered much in his young life: he is terribly thin, his body bears several wounds, his back is obviously injured, he is filthy, and he may well have never known the affection of another soul. Someone has reportedly thrown things at him and hit him in an effort to run him off, so his emergency rescue is a necessity.
Underneath all of the dirt, Amory finds a beautiful white cat with magical eyes
and a spirit that wins Amory over from the start. He is so beguiled by the
little guy that he talks a prospective new owner out of adopting him the very
next morning.

The book, as it unfolds, is the story of this special cat and the human he owns over the course of their first year together. Amory describes many of the conversations he has with his lovable but stubborn new friend, expounds greatly upon matters of cat psychology that all cat lovers will immediately recognize, and basically delivers a truly heart-warming story about two curmudgeons, one human and one feline, who magically find each other and develop a deep and lasting friendship. You’ll read about the cat’s behavior toward new people (including the likes of celebrities such as Walter Cronkite and Cary Grant), other animals, travel, veterinarians, and basically life in general.

I know the book has recieved lots of outstanding reviews, and I am happy that others enjoyed it more than I did.


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  1. I’ve never heard of this book before.

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