Dexter – in Spanish

Lately I have been watching through all of the episodes of the 4 first seasons of Dexter.  In Norway all movies, films, series etc. run in original language with Norwegian subtitles – however running through season 4 on DVD today I saw that they also come in Spanish and now I’m running through a few episodes with spanish language and subs because no matter how fluent I am…. Im not that used to the accent from Spain nor the unfamiliar conjucation of verbs that includes the term “vosotros” that we don’t use in Costa Rica.

I always liked crime solving movies or series (CSI, NCIS and lots of similars) and Dexter no exception. I love Dexter. He is really good looking, hence enjoyable to watch. Never bad when there is some good eye-candy on the screen :D

Apart from that the show is warm and charming. I love how they make him into such a nice family father, loving husband and friend along with his voice narrating what he really thinks and the conversations with his dad.

I also find it fascinating how “innocent” he manages to seem to most of the people he is surrounded by, but still lives out his dark passenger. I like how he is fighting crime in his own way and only kills killers that the justice system fail to catch.

Todays dubbed version of Dexter in Spanish gave me both a new view on Dexter (I did have to pay closer attention to the show than if I watch in english) and reminded me of the time I lived in Costa Rica and all shows whatsoever were sent in Spanish. A very pleasant reminder :D A reminder that I am soon going back there.
To see my family and friends again…


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