Breaking Dawn – Midnight Pre-Premiere with Elizabeth Reaser

I just got home from the Pre-Premiere of Breaking Dawn – The fourth installment of the Twilight Saga (yeah yeah). Finally, 1,5 years after Eclipse was released – it is here!

And you know who else was here with us today? Elizabeth Reaser  aka Esme Cullen. She is in Oslo, Norway for 3 full days promoting the movie. I even got a picture of me with her.

I went to see the movie with my best friend and we were dressed up for a Black Carpet Movie Premiere. Maybe a bit overdone with the fangs and all (since noone wears fangs in the Twilight Saga), but that’s just part of the fun :D

Prior to the midnight screening there was a bridal show, some people won goodie bags, Marion Ravn interviewed Elizabeth and we were shown the movie trailers and movies from fan events while waiting for midnight and the actual movie started.

Marion Ravn and Elizabeth Reaser.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer Mash up of the two

The movie was great. Bill Condon has done a great job. Unfortunately to avoid the certain (US American) R-Rating Sex scenes, Birth Scene and Death was toned down, but at the same time, in the book you are also left to wonder and think for yourselves.
The birth scene was fantastic. Probably one of the best in the film.

One of my favourite scenes was during the wedding when family and friends held speaches to the bride and groom and Charlie threatens Edward to treat Bella well and keep her happy for the rest of her life, because he knows a few things … like shooting with a gun, beating someone up and stalking. After all he is a Policeman ! Awesome scene! Bellas mom sings a lullabye. Bella’s friend Jessica performs a bittersweet speach where she lets it shine through she is jealous that Edward didn’t choose her. Awesome.

Oh.. Wedding Dress.. My Gosh what a boring wedding dress. Totally DISLIKE.

I had great anticipation to how they would be explaining the whole imprinting on infants part and I’m not too impressed of how they handled that – however I also understand why…

Totally stoked folks… Loved it !!
As another blogger said it: “No one is going to call this movie a masterpiece, but I was not looking for a masterpiece”.

Newspaperarticles from the event:
Aftenposten – (Interview with Elizabeth Reaser post-movie)

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(PS: All articles in Norwegian only)

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2 responses to “Breaking Dawn – Midnight Pre-Premiere with Elizabeth Reaser

  1. I loved the imprinting part but was a little confused over Edwards reaction. He’s supposed to be mad but Robert kinda played it like he was relieved because it meant Remesmee was safe hmmmm. I need to watch it again now to get a better perspective :) So jealous though.

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