ITIL Foundation v3 – Certificated

I certified for ITIL Foundation v2 back in Febuary 2005, but for the 2 past years I have wanted to upgrade and get certified for ITIL Foundation v3.

Today I did. I have spent a few days studying before I today went to an officially approved certification center to take the test.

You have 1 hour to answer the 40 questions of the exam and you have to get at least 65% of the questions right ! Which was piece of cake !
I’m quite proud of myself today !

Are you planning to get ITIL Foundation v3 Certified?

Check these links for information on ITIL:
ITIL Foundation
ITIL Foundations
ITIL Official Site
ITIL Central – Certification Info
ITIL Certification – INFO

and here are some ITIL exam questions with answers :
ITIL Exam Questions – 1
ITIL Exam Questions – 2
ITIL Exam Questions – 3
ITIL Exam Questions – 4
ITIL Exam Questions – 5


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