Christmas Preparations

I am a sucker for holiday traditions – However, having lived in central America when I was young has influenced my christmas traditions somewhat.

In Norway it’t common to decorate the christmas tree on the 23rd of december. I always decorate it on the first sunday of advent. Today was no different and I was really inspired after the neighborhood celebration and I brought out my Christmas decoration stuff and started decorating my tree.

The good thing about my tree is that it is a living tree, although it doesn’t look like a christmas tree. It sure looks cool. Right?

I had 2 of these trees, but one of them died this summer :(

I love not having a traditional christmas tree. Almost all of my christmas decoration is quite untraditional as well. Like small Santas with swim suits and sea stars. I have a Texan Longhorn and all my red glass decorations are not balls, but small chili fruits in clusters of 5 with green glitter on. I also have brought from Arizona small cacti with christmas decorations on. Disney Christmas figures and snowmen with ponchos and mexican hats :D
I love them :D

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Looking cool, huh?

I also do have some traditional christmas decorations that I have set up around the house :D Some there must be :D

So, it has begun – the race towards christmas eve. One of the most enjoyable periods of the year. My next task is finding all of the christmas presents, wrapping them and meeting up with my friends to exchange them. Baking the traditional sorts of christmas cookies and filling the air with familiar smells..

I love this season :D

I wish you all a fantastic time and enjoy this holiday season and my advent calendar humor while we wait for christmas eve.


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