Driving: Lesson 22

I met my teacher at Stovner Center, where we always meet, for todays lesson.

We started off driving down to the traffic station at Risløkka and then did a practice round that I can possibly get for my exam.

It was great. I felt I did really good today. Noone even remotely close to getting killed…. Hehehe Just joking. Not on that level any more, but seriously I managed to pay attention to almost all the signs, change gears up and down in time and stay in the correct lane according to where I was supposed to go.

I also did quite well in seeing the traffic picture and being alert for the whole session. I love it when I feel I do well! Very happy about my effort today.

I like my teacher. He is good at making me feel confident about my skills, which also makes me more confident in the decisions I make when driving. He is good at complimenting when I make the right decisions and just letting me know politely when I do something wrong. It’s an ocean of difference between him and my initial teacher that yelled at me each time I did something wrong. Let’s say I missed a sign – he would yell and scream – how the h*** are you driving? This is ridiculous…  Resulting in scaring the h*** out of me, making me focus on “I did something wrong” instead of letting me know calmly what i did wrong so that I can learn from it and get better. Never compliment on what I did well – despite me actually telling him that I would need that to know when I did stuff right…

Glad those days are over…


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