Have you plenked anyone lately ?

Today I (and a whole bunch of others) learned a new word.

Plenking (NOT planking) is actually a real word. It is a typographical term for the insertion of inappropriate spaces before a punctuation mark. The correct name is plenken, and conjucated = plenking. To plenk.
Plenken is derived as a borrowed word from the English blank into german.

Have you plenked lately ? I just did !
It doesn’t take more than one tiny space between the last letter and the punctuation mark to plenk .

The incorrect omission of spaces after a punctuation mark is called klempen.
To klemp means to not type a space after a . mark or a , mark.

I want to have a drink.I like orange juice. Can you bring me a glass,I am thirsty.

That was all I have about plenking and klemping for today guys! Have fun!


2 responses to “Have you plenked anyone lately ?

  1. Gosh , the things one little strange mail on Couchsurfing can start . Crazy ! But plenking and klemping is only really fun , if you do it for a whole post, comment or paragraph . And the crazy thing is , that some people plenk without realising it .

    • So true all of it. I should have posted the whole facebook conversation, but the coolest would have been to just post a link to the feed from the first post so that all updates will show as they get updated.

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