First snowfall 2011

Finally it started snowing. This year I have been awaiting the snow with great anticipation. Last year it started snowing on the 12th of november (I remember so well, because it was the date I travelled to Rome to spend a weekend there) and the snow stayed for 5,5 months until aprilish.

It was one of the hardest and longest winters of my life (due to the actual length of it, but also due to me loosing my job and a relationship that went down the sewer) and I was utterly depressed.

Lots of things have happened since then and I am in a completely different place in life and state of mind. This winter is already 4 weeks shorter than last year. I have a job that I love and I have accomplished so many things this year that I am proud of! And soon there is christmas and then I will meet up with lots of good friends for a New Years party :D And… in the new year – I will be going to Costa Rica. I am sooooooo much looking fwd for that I almost feel like a child before christmas (I feel like that about christmas as well though) just thinking about going back there.

Darn. I sure know how to talk myself out of a topic. Thing is: It’s snowing and I’m really happy about it ! I love the first snowfall!!! I love tasting the snowflakes on my tongue and how the snow makes everything look so brilliantly white and beautiful during the dark season. I love how it gets me into that christmas spirit…

and … this year I am totally looking fwd to go snowboarding !!!


2 responses to “First snowfall 2011

  1. Only one thing I can write really! I am so happy that you are happy!
    Hope to see you sometime in 2012!!!

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