Drivers License: Accomplished

Due to my sinus infection my teacher picked me up outside my home today and we had a quick run through the car and practical information on where to find the oil tank, how to change oil, how to check other technical things and where to find emergency equipment.

Then we went for a drive around the area and towards the traffic station. I did feel somewhat nervous, but not really that much. In good time prior to the exam we parked at the traffic station, went inside and paid the exam fee and waited in peace for the external examiner.

The examiner came to and introduced himself and asked the technical control questions (which I managed with pride) before we took off for a drive. At first we headed towards the Stovner, then towards Gothenburg, then Lambertseter and back towards Alnabru and the traffic station.

I did a few mistakes. In a roundabout I was too slow getting into it. In another it was too much traffic where we were supposed to go and we had to head another direction (which was not my fault), I changed lanes on the highway where it was not necessary and I was a bit rough on the gear changing and the use of the clutch but apart from this both myself and the examiner were very happy and I passed the test with brilliance.

Man was I proud of myself :D
It feels sooo good to finally have achieved this goal!!!


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