Louise escaped, but Thelma was soft and tender…

Today I was invited to a lovely dinner with friends. It was a pre-christmas dinner and we were a nice party of 7. Maybe a small party in numbers, but in spirit we were great!

This was of course also a perfect occation to let my friends know that I had passsed the drivers license exam and that I had finally reached my goal!

At first we enjoyed a lovely champagne as a welcome drink and of course; nice conversations !

For apetizers we were served delicious scampi with white wine and then for the main course John and Hilde served a delicious Turkey. A Turkey John had named Thelma. She took her time cooking, but when she was done… Oh my did she look and taste delicious.

A lovely meal accompanied with lovely company.

John, Hilde, Ricard, Lucy, Marc & Mona all participated in making the event a perfect eventing. Conversation flew by ever as easy and laughter sat loose.

For dessert Hilde had baked a delicious home made cheese cake.

It was a great evening. Thank you so much Hilde and John for inviting, and thanks to the others for making the event so beautiful and memorable.


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