Emblas first birthdayparty

My Goddaughter Embla celebrated her first birthday party today and we had a nice little party for her!

First they had a big party for Embla with all the cousins and aunts and uncles, but I chose to come by for the dinner celebration of Embla and Jorunn (since my friend celebrates her birthday tomorrow) so that I could get to spend some quality time with them ;D

The party started at 6 and although we were few guests, we had a really, really nice time together. Embla was superhappy for all the attention and grandma helped her unwrap her birthday gift. Oh boy was she exited !

Later she jumped up and down in the sofa, running around laughing very wholeheartedly. Smiling from ear to ear. She was totally loving to have people over!

As for the grown-ups, we were ALSO enjoying the party. We enjoyed a lovely home cooked meal (by grand-dad) and had a great time in lovely company.

At one point the birthday girl herself had to go to bed and she had to put on the PJ and say nite nite to the rest of the group.

While the grown ups continued celebrating her mommas birthday :D

I had a great time!

Happy Birthday Embla & Jorunn !!


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