My first solo drive and My first parking ticket

Yesterday a friend of mine let me borrow his car while he is off for work on an oil rig in the North Sea and a week after the drivers license exam I had my first solo drive.

I was a bit nervous, but it all turned out fine and I didn’t mess up with anything, apart from driving the wrong direction  (quickly corrected at the next exit) while trying to navigate my way home.

Then this morning I had a another little drive for my workout. Again, the drive itself went very well, despite the lousy weather, but then I parked, left and came back to see I had a parking ticket…

It just had to happen :D I have been a public transport passenger for 36 years, never parked and left a car before (except for in driveways or while the teacher is still in the car waiting for the next student), I simply did not even consider remembering that I had to pay for parking.
I just hopped of the “bus”, left and came back to the “bus” that wasn’t a bus…

Of course LATER I understood perfectly fine that I SHOULD have paid a parking ticket prior to leaving the car, however too late now. I just had to laugh of myself.

I do see this as funny and I already paid the fine, but of course that was money that could have been well spent for something completely different.


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