Driving home for Christmas

Time has come to join the family for christmas and today my sister and I travelled together.

I spent my morning packing and readying the house to leave for a few days. Then I readied myself and brought the cat down to the car and went to pick up my sister at her place, before we went up to a friends place to feed his fish.
Then we set off.

This was my first long drive as a solo driver. I have had a few days now that I have been able to drive around and I feel much more confident, but this is the first real long journey I have made behind the wheels. And just to make certain I should test my skills, we had fog so thick we could slice through it with a knife and wet, rainy roads. Some parts were icy and crappy.

I did good, real good. We had 2 long stops to rest and stretch our legs and they were appreciated. My cat was stuck in the back seat. When we travel he is always in a pet harness especially for cars, meaning he is stuck in the back seat, not free to roam around and disturb me while I am driving. Another great thing with the car safe harness is that if we ever should be in an accident, the cat will be just as safe as humans using their safety harness and possibly his life would be spared. Hopefully we will never be in an accident, but in worst case – better safe than sorry.

While driving we had a good sister time and spent a good time of it talking about everything and anything. It was really nice.

We arrived at daddys place at 6:30 and our smaller sisters (10 and 4) were waiting for us with great anticipation. Lots of hugs were exchanged and the 4 year olds eyes were big when she saw all the new christmas packages ending up under the tree (In Norway the big celebration is on Christmas Eve, not in the morning of Christmas day, hence its really difficult to hide that it’s the grown ups and not Santa putting the gifts under the tree. Of course – we COULD tell the kids that Santa came to see us on the night to the 24th, but then whats the point?).

Then we all had dinner and enjoyed family time together.

This Chris Rea song always brings me into the christmas spirit and reminds me of the feeling of coming home for christmas, reuniting with your loved ones and spending time together.


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