Reisen til Julestjernen 1976 version

The Journey to the Christmas Star is a movie sent every year on Christmas eve on Norwegian television. Practically its not “real” Christmas anymore without it.

I just love this film !! I can watch it again and again and not get tired of it !

Reisen til Julestjernen is a lovely Norwegian family film, based on the theatre play by Sverre Brandt from 1924. The play holds the Norwegian National Theatres (NNT) record as the play that has been shown most times throughout the history of NNT. In January 1962 the play was shown the 500th time.

The play was filmed in 1976 by Ola Solum with Hanne Krogh playing the role of «Sonja».

The story begins in a tiny Kingdom somewhere in Adventureland. In a castle with high towers, spears and dungeons in a small medieval village surrounded by thick walls, lives a small Royal family (father, mother and daughter) with their court.

On Christmas eve, Princess Gulltopp, is presented to the marvelous Christmas tree of the Royals and she becomes greatly disappointed by the fake star in the top of the tree that is so greatly outshone by the real Christmas star, shining ever so brightly on the sky. She also learns that night, by her dads cousin – the Count, that if she only desire it enough, she will find the real star if she goes out to search for it in the forest.

The King and Queen follows the Princess to bed that night and she is given a golden heart as her Christmas gift as a token of love and affection from her parents. After bedtime Princess Gulltopp sneaks out of bed and sets off in search of the star all by herself.

The next morning a traveling theatre group finds a frozen child in the forest and they decide to bring her with them. She has lost her memory due to the freezing search for the star the past night. They call her Sonja and raise her as their own.

When the King and Queen learns that the princess has disappeared, they are shattered in grief. The Queen runs after her into the forest to search for her. The King curse the Christmas star, which he holds responsible for his misfortune, however the Kings curse causes the Christmas star to cease burning completely and with it the Queen also disappears.

Grief shatters the country and the King seeks advice from all the wisest men he can ever find, but none of them are able to find the star for him. Some even try to devote their lives to create a new star to help the King get his family back.

Many years later the traveling theatre group again visits the castle. It is again Christmas eve and in this group travels Sonja, a beautiful young woman. When Sonja learns of the Kings grief she offers to find the star for the King so that he can be reunited with his Queen and daughter. The King is lit by hope, because wise men has predicted that if the star shines again, the princess and the Queen will return.

Sonja sets off into the forest, but the Count follows her. He is not willing to allow her to find the star for the simple reasons that the King has now elected him to be the heir to the throne instead of the missing Princess Gulltopp. On her walk through the forest, Sonja is offered to purchase bird food from an old witch in the forest on her way. She has no money and the only thing she can offer as a payment is her golden heart necklace. When the old which sees the necklace she warns Sonja that she is being followed by the Count and she has to run away and hide.

Sonja runs away and the old lady awaits the Count telling him that she has seen Sonja, and leads him in the wrong direction, buying Sonja just a little bit of time. However the count quickly discovers the lie and he goes back and sets off after Sonja. Almost getting to her, he is attacked by a huge amount of elves in the forest. Neither him nor Sonja knows where they appear from, but they protect Sonja chasing the Count away.

The elves lead her back to Santa’s place and Santa learning that Sonja grew up as a lost child without parents, never having received a Christmas gift before is granted a wish to make up for all the lost presents. Sonja’s wish is for the Christmas star to once more shine over the country and her wish is granted.

The Count, who is still searching for Sonja, sees the star being lit and he understands that Sonja must be the long-lost Princess that has come back. When Sonja arrives at the Castle to tell the big news, she is grabbed by armed guards and thrown into the darkest dungeon of the Castle. Later that evening the Count tells the King that HE has found the star and that he can also find Princess Gulltopp, but he is not willing to do so unless he gets to marry her and get half of the Kingdom. Just as they are discussing, the old witch from the forest walks into the throne room, telling the King to not sign the papers marrying off Princess Gulltopp to the Count and giving him half of the kingdom in marriage. She tells the King that it was Sonja and NOT the Count that found the star. The Count immediately accuses her of lies and The King asks the old lady for a proof and the old which shows the King the golden heart she received as payment for the bird food in the forest. At first she is accused by the count for having stolen it, but the old lady tells the King that it was given to her by Sonja as a payment for bird food in the forest. The King immediately recognizes the necklace and says. Hmm. Then Sonja should know where the Princess is? Why dont you ask her yourself says the old lady pointing towards the doors and Sonja enters the room.

The King is so happy to have his beloved daughter back that he throws a 7 day long party to celebrate being reunited with his child.

At the end of the party Sonja remembers the old which that saved her and asks for her. She is hiding in a corner and Sonja runs over to her and kisses her on the cheek to show her gratitude towards her. In that moment the which changes into the Queen and the King has finally been reunited with them both.

The lies of the Count are soon discovered and he is soon thrown into the dungeons himself, loosing every right to the land he so desperately wants and then they all lived happily ever after.


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