Three Nuts for Cinderella

Each year Christmas eve starts off sending several films that have become a tradition to watch while waiting for the Christmas dinner and the gift exchange.

Three Nuts for Cinderella (Tři oříšky pro Popelku in Czheck and “Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel” in German) is a modern day Cinderella fairytale. It is a Czechoslovak-German cooperation from 1973.
In english this movie is known as “Three wishes for Cinderella”

In this version Cinderella is a young woman who is put upon by her stepmother and step-sister, whom look upon her as a part of their household rather than a step-sister. However our Cinderella competently defends her personality against them. She is warm and smart and she is also an excellent rider and hunter.

Our Cinderella also has the affection and support of the household’s other servants, including a doting coachman who promises the girl that he will bring her “the first thing that hits his nose” when he ventures next into town.

It just so happens that the young Prince (Pavel Trávnicek), out hunting, notices that the coachman has fallen asleep in his coach and deftly aims an arrow at an empty bird’s nest, which drops onto his face as he rides below the tree branch, waking him. Inside the nest is a cluster of three hazelnuts, the gift that subsequently provides Cinderella with the means to make her dreams come true — rather than have the traditional fairy godmother grant them for her.

Cinderella is also out in the forest and she sees the Prince and his 2 friends during their hunt and dressed as a man she plays with them, letting them notice her, but not fully showing herself.  When the arrow that the prince aims to kill the bird he is hunting misses, she kills it for him, leaving him to recognize that the arrow is not his when he finds the bird.

She also throws a snowball at him, steals his horse and ruins his hunt. Then she introduces herself and teaches the Prince and his friends to shoot with bow and arrow.

A Royal ball is arranged for the prince to find a fitting wife and all young women in the country are invited to the ball. Cinderellas mother and step sister leaves to participate, leaving Cinderella behind.

Cinderella has three wishes at her disposal, gained from the three magic nuts given to her by the coachman and she is given a beautiful dress for the ball.

Cinderella and the Prince meets again at the Royal Ball, which necessitates that she dance with the Prince while wearing a veil, because she does not want to make it too easy on the prince to recognize here nor to be loved on account of her beauty, but for the person that she is and he has to accept of her full personality and not only her being a beautiful woman.

While he dances with her, he declares that he has already decided to marry her. But Cinderella stops him and reminds him that he has forgotten the most significant thing: To ask her if she wants to marry him! She leaves him with a riddle about her identity and runs from the palace at midnight.

The Prince, puzzled, picks up her slipper and vows to find her no matter where she is. When he finally does find her and she is waiting for him in a beautiful wedding dress, he does solve the riddle about her identity and it is only then, when he realises that she’s been both the little insolent girl and the remarkable young huntsman, that she can accept him and they can live happily ever after

The Prince must now win her heart by asking her if SHE wants him. She wants to be free to walk towards the prince voluntarily, to let her inner discover by him and to share her freedom with him.

Together they ride off on each their horse into the forest.

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