Kongen av Bastøy

I just watched Kongen av Bastøy (King of Devils Island).

It is a film based on a true story.

I have wanted to watch the film since it came out, but I didn’t get myself around to see it while still in the theatres and I forgot when it was taken off the program. However today it was sent on TV and I finally go to see it !

The movie is well done and it is a dark part of Norwegian history.

The Plot:
It is Norwegian winter, early 20th century. On the Bastoy island, located in the Oslo fjord, lives a group of delinquent, young boys aged 11 to 18.

The boys live under a daily, sadistic regime which is run by the guards and the principal who bestow both mental and physical abuse on them. Instead of the boys being straightened out with education, they end up being used as cheap, manual labor. The boys attempt to survive by adapting to their inhumane conditions.

One day a new boy, Erling (17), arrives with his own agenda; how to escape from the island. How far is he willing to go in order to get his freedom? After a tragic incident takes place, Erling ends up forced into the destinies of the other boys by leading them into a violent uprising. Once the boys manage to take over Bastoy 150 government soldiers are sent in to restore order.

King of Devils Island on IMDB
King of Devils Island on WIKI


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