Tim Burton’s “9”

A colleague of mine has recommended me to watch Tim Burton’s movie 9 for a long time.

9 is a 2009 American computer-animated science fantasy adventure film directed by Shane Acker and produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov. The film stars the voices of Elijah Wood as well as many others.

I love Tim Burtons movies, whether he is directing or co-directing them.
I just love the dark fantasy element over them.
I also loved 9.
As a post apocalyptic movie with a new touch in the world being saved by ragdolls from machines. All men are dead, but the world still need to be saved.

The film opens with a scientist creating what appears to be a male ragdoll. He seems to transfer something into his creation, then dies immediately afterwards.

Three months later, the ragdoll, number 9, awakens. He finds an odd talisman, which he keeps inside his body. He looks off the edge of the table to find debris and the scientist’s dead body on the floor. As he climbs down and opens a window, he realizes he cannot speak as he tries to call to a being on the ground. He rushes to the outside world to find 2, a fellow lifeform, who installs a voice mechanism from a toy doll in 9, enabling him to speak. 9 shows 2 the talisman, which he seems to be delighted over. As 2 explains that there are more of their kind after 9 realizes they are not alone, the Cat Beast attacks. 9 hides in an empty soup can, while 2 attempts to fend it off, but to no avail as the Cat Beast takes the talisman and 2 off to parts unknown, and 9’s left shoulder is sliced severely. Despite his injury, 9 tries to follow the Cat Beast, but eventually passes out from the pain and exhaustion. Meanwhile, another lifeform, 5 watches from a high tower not too far away.


9 awakens again, being healed by 5 in his workshop. Just as he tries to explain what happened to 2, the leader, 1, and his bodyguard, 8, enter the room. 9 pleads that they must save 2, but 1 argues that there is no point. In the new area, a cathedral with a crashed plane embedded deeply in it. 1 reveals to 9 that when all of the others awoke, it was in a time of war, when machines turned against man and man struggled to survive. 9 continues to insist on finding 2, but 1’s stubborn ways are not swayed. As they leave the room, 6 can be seen drawing a picture erratically. 5 and 9 head to the watchtower, where 9 shows 5 where 2 was taken; a large building of some sort. They decide to go forth and bring 2 back home. 5 finds his candle stick hat and wonders why he was out. After a while of going through sandy area to the building, they lose the map.

When they finally reach the large fortress, (in which another creation, only part of whom is seen finds their lost map) they find 2 in a birdcage, still alive. 9 notices the cat beast trying to clean away something and get out the strange device. But as they try to release him, the Cat Beast attacks and corners them. Suddenly, from out of the corner of 9’s eye, a ninja strikes, blade in hand, cutting the Cat Beast’s head off. This ninja is revealed to be a female lifeform, 7, who had been gone for some time, and give 9 the lost map back. 9, exploring, finds something curious, which he believes to be where the talisman he found goes. He puts the talisman in place, but to the creations’ dismay, the talisman glows green and sucks the soul out of 2, leaving him lifeless. Along with that, it awakens The Fabrication Machine, which they barely escape from. The Fabrication Machine constructs the Winged Beast to find and kill the last living creatures on the planet.

7 takes them back to her hideout, where the mute twins, 3 and 4, seem overjoyed to see them all. The twins reveal more about the war and the background of the Chancellor using the Scientist’s B.R.A.I.N. machine to create machines of war. 9 asks the twins of the symbols on the talisman, which they know nothing about, but 5 proclaims that 6 might, as he always likes drawing them. 7 rebukes 9 for wanting to go back to 1, and she leaves them once more. 5 and 9 head for the first hideout to speak with 1 and 6, as the Fabrication Machine is shown creating a horrible monster, the Winged Beast.

When the creations return and ask 6 about the symbols, he repeats the phrase “the source, back to the source!” 1 scolds the others and 9 finally confronts him, calling him a coward. Suddenly, the Winged Beast flies in and attacks, nearly killing many of the creations and setting their home on fire as 7 arrives. In the end, they outsmart the monster, sending it into a hole to be deleted. However, 7 is wounded in the process, but survives as 9 saves her from the Beast. As the six search for a resting area, a blimp-like machine called a Seeker retrieves the head of the Beast and returns it to the Fabrication Machine, which has made more than 600 Spiderbots. Outraged by the death of its creation, it attempts to outdo itself, with a new monster more foul and sinister.

When they reach a new resting spot at about three in the morning, and 7 is healed, and 8 is sent to guard the new hideout, and makes himself drunk with a magnet but comes face to face with some flashing blue eyes that hypotize him. It is revealed that 1 sent 2 out into the Emptiness to die, because of all of his ideas. After an argument, including 7 nearly killing 1, 9 calling her off in time, 7 departs from the others, distraught. 1 heads off by himself, only to come face to face with what looks like 2. Before he can escape, the eyes emit a blinding blue light that seems to entrance 1, leaving him helpless as the other end of this creature opens to reveal itself: the Seamstress. 7 comes to his aid, finding it had taken 8 as well, and fights the creature unsuccessfully. Despite 9’s efforts to save her, she is lost to the Seamstress. The remaining lifeforms hold a small funeral for 2. Without 8 to protect him, 1 is finally swayed to strike against the machines and make them pay for what they did.

The lifeforms make a move on the citadel, 9 tells 5 to stay outside with the others while he sneaks into the factory, coming too late to save 8, who has his soul stolen into the machine. He lures the Seamstress away from the Fabrication Machine and tricks it, being able to rip it open to save 7 while the beast is pulled into some gears and shattered into several pieces. Meanwhile, on the outside, the other lifeforms find a petrol barrel and roll it into the lair of the machines, lighting it, just as 9 and 7 escape. After watching the building burn, they all rejoice, listening to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on a record player, 7 thanking 9 for saving her life. However, 5 discovers the Fabrication Machine survived the blast as he becomes separated from the others after chasing an errant record. He runs back yelling to them, to no avail, as he has his soul taken too, much to 9’s dismay and horror. The rest of the creations make for a bridge, as the Machine chases them. 6 stops the group, proclaiming “they’re all inside” and to not destroy it. Before anyone can do anything, the Fabrication Machine grabs 6 and pulls him to the other side, sucking his life away as well and dropping his body into a chasm. 9 argues to 7 and 1 to listen to 6’s final words, but they insist they must destroy the Machine.


Devastated, 9 heeds 6’s words to “return to the first room,” to where he was born as the others try to destroy the monster. When he returns, he finds a box in the dead hand of the Scientist, which he opens to reveal a video of the Scientist explaining that the creations are each parts of his personality, how he made the Machine, and how they can use the talisman to protect the future. Upon this discovery, 9 returns to the others, as they struggle to attack the Machine. During a brief respite as they hide, 9 explains to them he will sacrifice himself to the Machine so 7 can steal back the talisman, teaching her, 1 and the twins the sequence to the talisman.

The Machine finds them and causes an explosion that sends the remaining creations into the open, throwing 7 violently into a wooden post and injuring 1. Despite 7’s desperate pleas, 9 says goodbye to her, and tries to sacrifice himself to the Machine.
However, 1 pushes him to the ground, giving his life instead. Incensed, 9 manages to retrieve the talisman, and suck the Machine’s life out and save the five souls trapped inside. The Machine explodes, but seemingly crushes 9 to death beneath. 7 and the twins find his lifeless body and believe he is dead, but rejoice when he reawakens in 7’s arms.

The film closes with 9 releasing the spirits of 1, 2, 5, 6, and 8 from the talisman. After a goodbye to them, they fly into the sky above as 9, 7, and the twins look on. 7 asks what they should do now, and 9 replies, “I’m not sure, exactly. But this world is ours now. It’s what we make of it.” A rainstorm starts, and in each raindrop, there are a number of bioluminescent bacteria, echoing the rebirth of the organic world.

Watch the trailer here:

9 on the web

Tim Burton Official Webpage


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